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Term´s of Use

This website is established and managed by Aska Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Before using this website, we request that you carefully read the terms of use below. Upon commencing usage, you consent to this privacy policy extending to compliance with all related laws.

1Regarding Copyright

The contents on this website are entirely under the management and property of Aska Pharmaceutical, and protected under copyright law. While duplication (including downloading) is permitted for non-commercial individual use, modifying or reproducing contents is prohibited. Reproducing the contents for other uses is also prohibited.

2Regarding trademarks, trade names, etc.

The rights of trademarks, service marks and trade names, etc., is protected under the law. Consent is not provided for their use.

3Regarding contents

While information relating to products is contained on the "Pharmaceutical Products for Medical Use" page, many of these products are pharmaceutical products that require a prescription from a doctor. Additionally, drugs and the efficacy of the drugs published within are not intended as publicity or advertisements. The information offered on this website should not be taken as advice or service for health care workers and doctors, or in place of actual medical information.
The "Stockholder and Investor Information" page is provided to offer information relating to finances and trade with the intention of giving a better understanding of Aska Pharmaceutical for all stockholders and investors. It is not a solicitation or recommendation for purchasing company stock. Predictions on performance are based on available data at the time of their creation, and due to various uncertain factors, please understand that the actual results may differ from the prediction.

4Regarding services and contents

While Aska Pharmaceuticals pays the utmost attention in ensuring the accuracy of information published, the precision, validity and integrity of the contents cannot be ensured, extending to the possible risk of computer viruses. Additionally Aska Pharmaceutical holds no responsibility for damages incurred from using, or the inability to use, the information published

5Regarding change of contents and termination of services

Aska Pharmaceutical may shut down the website or change the contents without warning.

6Regarding links

Aska Pharmaceuticals holds absolutely no responsibility for the contents of third party pages that are linked within this website, or the contents of pages linking to this website. If you wish to link to this website, please obtain consent from Aska Pharmaceutical by contacting the webmaster beforehand at with the URL you intend to link.

7Regarding information in emails

With the exception of the user's personal information, Aska Pharmaceutical is not obligated to maintain confidentiality regarding information and materials shared in emails. Aska Pharmaceutical is free to duplicate, display and disclose the information and materials shared for whatever purposes. Additionally, Aska Pharmaceuticals is under no obligation to reply to information sent through e-mail.

8Governing laws

This document "Usage Precautions" is to be interpreted based on the governing laws of Japan. Disagreements that occur relating to this document, "Usage Precautions", will have the first hearing through the exclusive jurisdiction of the Tokyo District Court.