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R&D system with a balanced combination of cutting-edge technology and experience.

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Aska Pharmaceutical researches and develops new medicine in R&D system with a balanced combination of cutting-edge pharmaceutical technology and a long experience, to grow and expand persistently as a medium R&D company focusing on a specialized field.
Using this system, we will improve our R&D pipelines by promoting early development in collaboration with both Japanese and foreign businesses as well as efficient use of resources by selecting and focusing on a field of development.
We promise further R&D activities to achieve a steady production of medicine that contributes to the future of medicine and people's health.

We have been producing new and highly innovative medicines.
Altat, a remedy for peptic ulcer and gastritis, that includes H2 blockers with a unique structure and Prostal, a treatment for prostatic hypertrophy and cancer, that uses steroid hormone technology are a result of our exceptional development abilities. Also, Lipidil, a treatment for hyperlipidemia, has been successful in clinical fields all over the world and has received high regards.
In addition, we have made our marks in the field of thyroid diseases and gynecology due to our hormone medications such as Thyradin, a thyroid hormone drug; Ange, oral contraceptive agent; and Menoaid Combipatch, a climacteric syndrome treatment.

We also have actively been collaborating in developing with other Japanese and foreign companies to produce L-105, a hepatic encephalopathy treatment with rifaximin as an active ingredient; AKP-501, a fertility treatment with follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) preparation of recombinant DNA origin as an active agent; and CDB-2914, a uterine leiomyomata treatment with ulipristal acetate as an active ingredient.

Product Pipeline

Stage Code No. Therapeutic field Indications Origin
November 29,2016
L-105 Internal medicine Improvement of hyperammonemia in hepatic encephalopathy Licensed-in
from Alfasigma
Preparation for
Phase Ⅰ
L-105 Internal medicine Improvement of hyperammonemia in hepatic encephalopathy for pediatrics Licensed-in
from Alfasigma
Preparation for
Phase Ⅰ
L-105 Internal medicine Inflammatory bowel disease: IBD Licensed-in
from Alfasigma
Phase Ⅱ CDB-2914 Obstetrics / Gynecology Uterine fibroid Licensed-in from HRA Pharma
Phase Ⅱ AKP-501 Obstetrics / Gynecology Infertility Licensed-in from JCR Pharmaceuticals

ASKA's Business Partners



We produce and provide pharmaceutical products in established research development under a strict quality management system.


Efficacy, safety, quality, and stable supply in the pharmaceutical products are highly demanded.

Aska Pharmaceutical employees take their work extremely seriously in the production of pharmaceutical drugs directly influence human life and health.

At our factory, we respect the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and pursue a high quality by establishing an original and thorough quality management system.

The construction of the 3rd Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Plant with the latest equipment and advanced technology was completed in 2009, and the productivity increased dramatically. We also renewed the production management system to become more efficient via computer networks. We are looking to improve our future production lines and other systems for pharmaceutical productions.

Aska Pharmaceutical will continue to pursue technological innovation, increase productivity and lower the cost, and provide a high-quality and safe medicines to the public.

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Main Products

Drugs for Internal Medicine

Poorly absorbable antimicrobial agent :
RIFXIMA (Rifaximin)

Thyroid hormone : THYRADIN (Levothyroxine Sodium)

Antithyroid : MERCAZOLE (Thiamazole)

Hyperlipidemic agent : LIPIDIL (Fenofibrate)

H2−receptor antagonist : ALTAT (Roxatidine acetate)

Drugs for Obstetrics and Gynecology


Emergency contraceptive : NORLEVO (Levonorgestrel)

Oral contraceptive :
ANGE (Levonorgestrel / Ethinylestradiol)

Estradiol / Norethisterone acetate:

Drugs for Urology

Prostate cancer, Benign prostatic hyperplasia agent :
PROSTAL (Chlormadinone Acetate)

Ethinyl estradiol : PROSEXOL

Medical Information Profile

Medical representatives with specialized knowledge provide information that contributes to medical treatments.

Medicine is a product that directly influences human life and health conditions. Therefore, for the proper use of medication, it is essential that doctors and pharmacists on the forefront of medicine are provided with accurate and the latest information regarding efficacy, safety, and quality.

It is also important to collect educational information from the medical scenes and give feedbacks to research and development. Medical Representative (MR) plays a key role in providing that service.

Aska Pharmaceutical trains MR with extensive expertise and morals through programs to promote medical information activities. We also provide excellent medical information by introducing the latest MR support system. In addition, we offer lectures open to the general public because we believe that we have a responsibility not only in pharmaceutical production and trade but also in providing a broad range of supports for people’s health. We also actively hold lectures to provide and exchange research and medical information for doctors.

  • Providing product information to doctors
    Providing product information to doctors
  • Providing product information to pharmacists
    Providing product information to pharmacists
  • Lecture for the general public, Women’s Health Seminar
    Lecture for the general public,
    Women’s Health Seminar
  • Lecture, Pharmacy Management Lecture
    Lecture, Pharmacy Management Lecture
  • MR Training Program
    MR Training Program